Ticker - Tally Display Corporation

Ticker – Tally Display Corporation

No doubt you’ve seen Tally Display Corporation LED Tickers in financial offices, news organizations and other installations that demand LED Signs and Displays to post rapidly changing information whether its breaking news or the up-to-the-minute stock and bond information.

TDC LED Tickers can be simple, single line installations displaying streaming information to more elaborate multiple line LED Tickers that can convey financial information from different exchanges or different financial instrument categories (like bonds vs stocks vs ETF’s for example). All of it easily programmed on any PC running TDC’s proprietary user-friendly software.

What’s more, with a wealth of experience in broadcast and video, TDC works with architects to seamless integrate their LED tickers with any studio, broadcast set, office, storefront, reception area or public space.

All of our work is backed up with great quality, service and support. Most importantly, we are UL/ETL certified.

Have an idea in mind? Contact Tally Display Corp today and discuss your needs with one of our knowledgeable LED Sign and Electronic Display design consultants.

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