LED Outdoor Signs

Tally Display Corp designs, creates and installs LED Outdoor Signs for highly noticeable solutions in many retail and commercial applications. TDC designs and builds unique LED Outdoor Signs with characters that are 30% larger than the norm for greater visibility from greater distances. What’s more, TDC LED Outdoor Signs are heavily weather sealed and ruggedly built to protect against the elements perfect for outdoor commuter transportation stations, industrial applications, and other weather-exposed applications.

TDC has supplied displays for status, speed, and arrival notices for some the biggest transportation centers and equipment manufacturers in the US and Canada.

What’s more, with over 25 years experience developing, creating and installing LED Outdoor Tally Display Corp backs up all its work with great quality, service and support. Most importantly, we are UL/ETL certified.

Have an idea in mind? Contact Tally Display Corp today and discuss your needs with one of our knowledgeable LED Sign and Electronic Display design consultants.

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