LED Message Signs

LED Message Signs - Tally Display Corporation

LED Message Signs – Tally Display Corporation

Sometimes a huge sign isn’t what’s needed but a simple scrolling message calling attention to a service or a price special or whatever information you’d like to highlight to customers that day whether it’s a sale, a special promotion or anything else that you want to call attention to.

LED Message Signs by Tally Display Corp have been widely used for indoor and outdoor information displays and advertising. The LED Message Signs are highly visible with state-of-the-art technology. Our LMS series has the unique ability to change messages on command without the use of a computer. What’s more, the LMS series store up to 64 dynamic messages and displays any of the 64 stored messages with a simple contact closure. TDC displays are unique to the industry in creating this feature.

We supply the signs in compact housings for easy placement in displays or by check outs or we can incorporate architectural considerations to design an integrated solution that fits seamlessly with your establishment or office.

Contact Tally Display Corp today and discuss your needs with one of our knowledgeable LED Sign and Electronic Display design consultants.

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