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Electronic Message Signs – Tally Display Corporation

Electronic Message Signs are a very efficient and cost effective way to reach your customers with dynamic messages. From a simple text message to a full color video presentation TDC can tailor the system to your exact wants, needs, and requirements. What’s more they are also great tools for corporate employee communications either in a single home office installations or spread across a vast network multiple offices.

Tally Display Corp designs, creates and installs LED signs that have been widely used for indoor and outdoor information displays and advertising of all shapes and sizes. TDC builds its signs with the latest LED technologies and are operated with highly intuitive, user friendly software.

The TDC product series allows you to deliver dynamic messages to your prospects in a very efficient and cost effective way. TDC products are also great tools for corporate employee communications.

Why Use Tally Display?

  • LED signs can be used with any PC, laptop, PLC, controller, remote keyboard or even a cell phone.
  • TDC can design and build enclosures in any color, material or finish to match any architectual/design requirement.
  • TDC designs and builds stylish and rugged housings to protect against the elements.
  • TDC uses LED’s from manufacturer’s such as Nichia and CREE to create brilliant, eye-catching displays up to 4 trillion colors.
  • TDC displays can adapt ANY protocol.
  • TDC displays can be programmed with most programs, including Word, Excel, Power Point, cut and paste from any source, or with our user friendly proprietary software.
  • TDC LED displays offer vast system-wide control for far flung network applications and mass medium applications.

All of our work is backed up with great quality, service and support. Most importantly, we are UL/ETL certified.

Have an idea in mind? Contact Tally Display Corp today and discuss your needs with one of our knowledgeable LED Sign and Electronic Display design consultants.

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