Router & Tally Displays


RTDS is a proprietary TDC software package that is software configured for router operation. The software allows your system to interface directly with virtually any manufacturer router/switcher/automation/playback equipment or serial device.

RTDS combines all the display capabilities of our PDC MSG software, along with the intelligence to automatically interrogate the router and update system for any change in matrix assignment.

Various tracking modes, look-up tables, print functions, configurations, tally assignments and monitoring assignments are included in RTDS software.

System Features:

  • Supports routers of mixed types on one system
  • Supports 64 levels per router
  • Supports an unlimited number of router sources and destinations
  • Unlimited number of tally inputs (serial and/or GPI)
  • Supports up to 64 user profiles. Provides the ability to assign each UMD to multiple tasks and to conveniently switch between assignments
  • Supports up to 64 locations and provides the ability to organize UMD’s according to location
  • Supports up to 31 production switchers. Provides the ability to organize tally signals and name them according to their source
  • Routers, Switches, Levels, Sources, Destinations, tallies and profiles may all be assigned custom names
  • Support for 1024 serial communications ports
  • Multiple control panels supported over an Ethernet network
  • Compatible with SQL Server for Ethernet applications
  • Monitoring-windows and file-logging for all communications
  • Support for fixed-text identification windows
  • A single computer and display network is used to support all display networks UMD’s, routers, switchers, etc.

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