Welcome to Tally Display Corp.

We don’t just make LED signs.
We create brilliant visual experiences.

Today, engaging your intended audience is key to success. You need to attract your audience with announcements, tickers, menus, social media posts, news headlines, videos, advertisements, events and much, much more.

A simple LED sign just won’t do it. You need LED business signs that create experiences that go beyond merely attracting. LED signs that enhance, captivate and involve. Whether it’s a stand alone LED sign or an installation that’s synergistic and infuses with the architecture.

But you can’t just go to anyone to build and create an LED sign, LED sign board, LED message board or programmable LED sign that creates these experiences. You need to talk to someone with the engineering prowess, knowledge-base and creative knowhow to craft the right LED magic for your business. You need to talk to us Tally Display Corp.

Tally Display Corp. is a true light among manufacturers of LED signs and systems. Our team of hardware and software engineers are among the brightest in the field bringing extensive experience in broadcasting, video, transportation and other fields to create LED displays you never thought possible—beyond anyone or anything else in the business. (Which is why so many companies give us theirs.)

From brilliant simple LED sign message centers to programmable LED signs to sophisticated, multi-point, full color video display systems, Tally Display Corp. designs and creates LED signage that truly stuns. The possibilities are almost endless. Using the latest and most advanced LED technology, there is no limit to size, shape, size, content, motion or whatever. .

Tally Display Corp. supplies modular sign components from idea and concept to finished installation—a complete turnkey operation. What’s more, Tally Display specializes in custom one-of-a-kind projects (which you’ll see outstanding examples in the next few pages). We’ve also created custom LED sign boards that feature multi-line tickers for the world’s largest cruise line along with the largest outdoor video screen.

From idea/concept to finished installation…Tally Display Corp. can provide design, hardware, software and the installation of your LED sign.

Our clients are as jaw-dropping as our signs. In fact, the list reads like a who’s who among the world’s elite companies and organization. In fact, you’ve already seen our work before you came to our site: companies like CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC (and practically every other network), AMTRAK, Madison Square Garden, National Geographic, The NYSE, Royal Caribbean, Mercedes Benz, NASA and scores of others. (View some of TDC’s efforts for them on the following

So contact us, talk with us and tell us what you have in mind. TDC provides the quality, service, support and pricing you can live with that doesn’t just illuminate but draws.

After all, isn’t that what growing your business is all about?

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